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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Week1.In Colchis, the final destination where the Golden Fleece is kept, Jason meets his future wife Medea. She helps Jason to get the Golden Fleece and sails to Iolcus together with his team. However, adventures do not end when they arrive home. Acastus decides to run away from Jason and steals the Golden Fleece. He is noticed by Pelias, who kills Acastus and attempts to kill Jason. After all, Pelius is killed, Jason gets the Golden Fleece and marries Medea. They become happy rules of Iolcus together.Jason is a typical epic hero because of his power, nobility and cunning. He accepts the quest of the Golden Fleece and manages to gather, train and lead a good team. He can win seduction on the Isle of Lemnos. He is an ordinary man, not a half-god. however, he has enough positive characteristic to be described as strong, ambitious, smart and just. Jason belongs to aristocratic class of his society. He is not depicted as a worker. He is a young warrior and a monarch who deserve respect of his community.Jason and The&nbsp.Argonauts film is based on the Greek myth about the Jason, his team and the quest to get the Golden Fleece. Obviously, the film does not offer a clear representation of the myth. It is altered by scenarists and producer to keep it engaging for modern audience. The story takes place in Greece and involves famous Greek mythic characters such as Medea. However, Greek gods are represented as ordinary people who have developed skills related to their professions.Epic qualities in the film are placed on the surface. This heroic quest reveals the power of Jason as a leader. At the same time, it contains many obstacles for Jason and his team to cope with (Cain et al., 2012). Jason displays only good characteristics. He is fair, attentive, charismatic and courageous. Every challenge on their way proves that they are heroes and their quest will be a success.The adaptation of


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