Assignment – Health Policy Analysis


Assignment – Health Policy Analysis

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Topic: Health Care Quality

Question: (300 words)

Visit the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality-

Select one of the achievable measures from Diseases and Conditions.


one area where nationally we are at benchmark.
one area where we are close to benchmark.
one area where we are far from benchmark.
On the area where we are far from benchmark, suggest a policy to move us closer to Quality.

Assignment – Health Policy Analysis (5 full pages)

Health Policy Analysis Assignment Overview

Policy analysis is a key method for making recommendations and influencing policymakers. The analysis provides informed advice and includes a recommendation for policy and an action plan for change. The arguments should be well constructed, persuasive, and evidence based.

Your submission should be in APA format and 5 to 7 pages long, not including the cover and reference pages. It must include evidence from at least 5 peer-reviewed articles within the last 5 years.

Include the following in your submission:

Problem Statement: Describe the problem, and state why it is important. You may set up the problem in the form of a question to include the criteria for solving the problem.
Example: How can we increase uptake of the flu vaccine among the elderly population?

Policy Background: Describe the problem in context including policy efforts to date.

Policy Landscape: Who are the key stakeholders? Describe the research and the evidence. Consider social, political, economic, and practical factors.

Policy Options: Discuss the various options to consider. What are the pros and cons? What organizations may be aligned with one option or another? Discuss the trade-offs,
risks, and benefits.

Policy Recommendation: Articulate a best policy. Support the recommendation with facts, and describe why it is the best policy in view of any trade-offs.

Week 11: Required Readings
Medicare. (n.d.). Hospital Compare.
Agency for Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports: National Quality Measures Compared to Achievable Benchmarks. AHQ.
Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2018). Healthcare Timeline. IHI.

Reflective Journal – Emerging Trends, Future Challenges, and Keys to Success

The purpose of this Reflective Journal activity is to provide you with an opportunity to examine further one of the emerging trends as it relates to your respective healthcare organization.


Select one of the emerging trends and identify future challenges and keys to success as it relates to your healthcare organization.
Enter a short write up about emerging trends and future challenges into your Reflective Journal.


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