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Health Care

Week 7 Assignment – (15 points) It is Monday morning. The Supervising Manager just sent you an email saying that a consulting company will be compiling all the data for the “Lessons Learned” session to be held later on. For that reason, you need to compile all the deliverables of this project in one 5-6 […]

Discussion Week 1

I have a discussion and Assignment to do for this week. Everything need to be done in APA format. Attaching the sample APA. Need two copies of this. Explain how Cloud Service Models (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) and How Microsoft Office 365, Azure Fit In? Explain the AWS? Read SP 1800-4 DRAFT Mobile Device Security: Cloud […]

Unit 6 Science Hw

Global Energy Analysis Worldwide energy consumption varies dramatically, but the impacts are shared by all. The most commonly used fuel sources for energy around the world are the fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. Combustion of fossil fuels releases pollutants into the atmosphere, where the emissions from all countries combine to cause local, regional, […]

Comparing SOPHE Or AAHE To Health Education Profession

I would like to post a statement of ethics in the lobby of our headquarters, either that of SOPHE or AAHE. Obtain copies of the SOPHE Code of Ethics and the AAHE Code of Ethics. The respective organizations can provide them for you. Please examine the historical achievements of these organizations and their efforts to […]

Unit VI

our company has been contracted to assess and cleanup a site that previously had a manufacturing facility for an organochlorine pesticide (i.e., aldrin, chlordane, dieldrin, eldrin, or heptachlor). You are tasked with shipping these wastes off-site to a treatment, storage, disposal facility (TSDF) for disposal. Review the information found in the 16-point GHS SDS for […]


Overview/Description of Final Paper: The final written assignment will synthesize what you have discovered about the different advanced practice roles and scope of practice found in the master of nursing curriculum: APRNs, nurse educator, nurse informaticist, and nurse administrator/executive. You will review all roles and then examine the specialty for which you were admitted, focusing […]

Recognizing Talents And Contributions

Part 1: an evaluation of unique talents and contributions of others that can help a leader to recognize his or her organizational vision. How do you influence the behavior of the unwilling, unconcerned, or unmotivated? Give examples from your own leadership experience. Resources: Clawson, J. G. (2012). Level three leadership: Getting below the surface (5th […]

Discussion Board Question

In keeping with the scenario in the lectures throughout the course, consider the following: After serving Higher Education, Inc. for 40 years as their environmental health and safety manager, you have decided to retire. You have 80 work hours to bring your replacement up to date on all of the emergency safety and health (EH&S) […]

Continuous Improvement

1) As health care looks at continuous improvement (as done in manufacturing), one of the most prominent questions that has arisen is, “Can the principles that worked in manufacturing really transfer over to health care? Taking care of a patient is not like building a car on an assembly line. Can standardized processes really work […]

Motivations of Threat Actors

Analyze motivations to threat actors that can be influenced by (1) Patriotism or Regional Hegemony, (2) widespread national economic poverty, and (3) world view as a political or social activist. What kinds of targets do each of these influences lead hackers to direct their cyberattacks towards? Analyze the influence of anonymity on Cyber Bullying and […]