Case Study : Violence Affecting Families


Case Study : Violence Affecting Families

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NUR4636 – Community Health Nursing

Case Study

Chapter 20

Violence Affecting Families

Crisis is a temporary state of severe disequilibrium for persons who face a

threatening situation. The community health nurse has been requested to follow up

on domestic violence cases as part of the workload. The student nurse is

accompanying the community health nurse on the visits. The community health

nurse is assessing the student nurse’s current understanding of violence affecting

families by asking some theoretical questions concerning this critical issue.

1. The student nurse shares with the community health nurse that a crisis is a

state that individuals can neither avoid nor solve with their usual coping

abilities and occurs when some force disrupts normal functioning, thereby

causing a loss of balance or normalcy in life. Crises create tension;

subsequently, efforts are made to solve the problem and reduce the tension.

The community health nurse asks the student nurse to identify and describe

the two main types of crisis. What is a brief description of the two types of


2. The community health nurse has to follow up on an abuse case involving a

child and adolescent. The community health nurse asks the student nurse

what are the ages that child abuse occurs and how is shaken baby syndrome

or Munchausen syndrome diagnosed?

3. Community health nurses use three levels of prevention when working with

families. What type of focus is involved in the three levels of prevention?

4. People in crisis need and often seek help. Crisis intervention builds on these

two phenomena to achieve its primary goal—reestablishment of equilibrium.

What are the two major methods with a brief description of crisis



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