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Causes of cardiovascular disease.

Causes of cardiovascular disease.


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Research and discuss the causes of cardiovascular disease and its relationship to diet and exercise. Compare and analyze your own personal lifestyle choices (Portfolio Lab assignments) to determine your risk of the disease and form a conclusion as to what changes you can make to decrease your risk. Finally, share information with others in order to encourage healthy behaviors within the community. The following information will help you with the type of information that should be included. You are not limited to this, it will just give you a general idea of what I am looking for in the assignment.

Part #1 – Research and discuss the causes of cardiovascular disease.

(Use at least 2 credible sources for Part #1- be sure to cite source IN THE TEXT and as a bibliography at end).

What are the causes?

Why is it a health concern?

What is the incidence of the disease/how many are affected?

Is it preventable?

What is the cost of the disease to the U.S.?

Part #2 – What is the relationship between cardiovascular disease and diet and exercise? (Use at least 1 credible source for Part #2- be sure to cite source IN THE TEXT and as bibliography at the end).

What types of foods contribute to our risk?

Does physical activity help in prevention?

How does inactivity increase our risk?

Part #3 – Compare and analyze your own personal lifestyle choices that contribute to YOUR risk of cardiovascular disease. Cite the lab assignments that you refer to. Example: “According to my BMI lab assignment, I am at greater risk…” or, “After reviewing my Nutritional Analysis Lab assignment, I realize…”

What are the lifestyle choices you are making that increase your risk?

Look at data from the following assignments:

BMI assignment

How Healthy is Your Lifestyle? Survey

Fast food nutrition

Nutritional analysis

Food color chart assignment

Sugar assignment

Be sure to cite the source of this information. (Example: “According to my Nutritional Analysis I do consume too much…”)

Part #4 – Form a conclusion as to what changes you can make in your own personal lifestyle choices in order to decrease risk.

Specifically what can you do to decrease your risk NOW.

How will those changes benefit your future health.

Part #5 – Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility

Hopefully your workouts have allowed you to experience the positive benefits of physical activity. It is now time to share that with others. Physically inactive individuals are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, if every physically inactive person became active, we would save $77 billion in health care costs every year. Only 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 3 children get the recommended amount of physical activity.

Invite at least 2 people (adult or child) to participate in a workout with you. It can be your regular workout or you can do something different (ride bikes, take a free class at gym, try a new workout DVD).

Reflect on this experience and include the following information:

Who did you invite to workout with you and why did you choose that person?

What information did you share to encourage them to participate?

Did you notice a difference in the individual’s attitudes toward physical activity with regards to their age, ethnic background or socioeconomic background?

Explain the possible implications on our nation if everyone who is active encouraged others to become active too.

What other ways could you encourage physical activity in adults and children?

Requirements: 3 pages



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