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OB – Answer these essay questions (attached are the chapters of the book required to complete this activity):1. Imagine you and your spouse have outgrown your current home. You spouse wants to move to a larger home, but you’d like to add on to your existing home because you love your neighborhood. Using the negotiation process on page 463 of the textbook, explain how you would approach negotiating with your spouse about this topic.2. Research organizational structures of widely known companies (for example, Nike, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, etc.). Find one you thing exemplifies an ideal organizational structure. Include an explanation of why you think the structure is ideal and how it benefits the firm and all key stakeholders. Be sure to submit the org chart with your essay.3. Find one organization that employs each of the organizational designs in Chapter 15. For each, include an explanation as to why you think the organization employs that structure.4. Read Ethical Dilemma: Culture of Deceit on page 554 of the textbook and answer the corresponding questions.5. Use the 5 stages of the conflict process outlined on page 450 of the textbook to explain how the manager of a factory should deal with 40 employees ready to strike over a two-year wage freeze and 15% rise in health insurance premiums. Assume that the employees don’t want to strike but feel it’s a last resort since upper management will not sit down with them to discuss their concerns, and that you are perceived as being the bottleneck in communication.


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