Create a Graphic Representation

Assignment 1: Create a Graphic Representation of your Research

In this assignment, you will construct a chart that organizes your research and allows you to analyze each one across certain key dimensions. See the following example to get an idea of how you can prepare such a chart. You may need to add categories to your chart, appropriate for your own research. Organize the chart in a logical way, for example, by date of research, by program or intervention you are studying, or by any other criterion, which makes sense for your particular literature review. Use color-coding within the chart as an additional organization tool.

(The following chart is an example of how you might prepare a chart; the entries in the chart are hypothetical, not real.)

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Assignment 1: Create a Graphic Representation of your Research

Date and author Sample Location Program Name Instrument

& Evaluation Type of study Findings Level of Evidence (2009) Smith & Jones 50 girls 7-10 yrs of age; mixed Hispanic and non-Hispanic sample US Rural Southwest No to Bullies CBCL RCT Anxiety in girls 7-8 dropped; no difference in girls 9-10 II (2008) Ling & Yu 35 African American boys US, Urban Chicago Take Pride Tennessee Self Image

(validity questionable) Case

study No changes in drawings after 6 months in the program IV (2007) Gonzales 100 first graders, boys and girls, mixed ethnic groups US suburban New Jersey No to Bullies CBCL Quasi-experimental No difference in anxiety levels III (2005) Litkowski & D’Angelo 300 Arab American boys US suburban Michigan Stand up and be counted Job performance RCT Achievement scores increased V

Assignment 1: Create a Graphic Representation of your Research Length: 1-2 pages

Upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button.
Week 7 – Assignment 2: Develop an Annotated Outline Assignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment Due May 19 at 11:59 PM Before beginning to write your literature review, it is essential to develop an outline. The outline will show the organization of your ideas, and the order in which you plan to present them. Note the references you currently have for each topic, and the topics that need further research before you write your final paper.

Create an outline of the ideas that you have gathered so far. This outline will serve as the structure for your paper. Therefore, it must be well organized and logical. With the assistance of your instructor, you will revise the outline as necessary for better structure or to include necessary, but missing points, in the argument or supportive research.

Included in this week’s Books & Resources is an example of an outline on literature related to programs on bullying in schools. Your literature review may be organized differently, as it will relate to the particular problem you are studying and its important points and aspects. You will also need to note at least three references for each subtopic you list. Submit your outline, along with a reference list that reflects the research you noted in your outline. Your faculty will guide you concerning any improvements you need to make in the structure or content of your outline.

Length: 1-2 pages