“Daily inpatient census” {DIPC) and inpatient census.


“Daily inpatient census” {DIPC) and inpatient census.

“Daily inpatient census” {DIPC) and inpatient census.

hl0TE alt calculations should be carried out correct to one decinnal plaoe.

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1. Distinguish between “daily inpatient census” {DIPC) and inpatient census.

2. To find the average daily inpatient census, what is placed in the denominator?

3. When n-rust a census be taken?

4. Must TRF-ins equal TRF-outs on a daily census report- a. on individual clinical units? b. hospital-wide (total frorn all units combined)?

5. A. patient admltted to Unit A is transferred to Unlt B the same day. On which unit is the patient counted at CTT?

6. When would a newborn (NB) be considered an A&D? I{OTE for the remaining questions, assume that the CTT is midnight.

7. Applegate Hospital records the following:

A&C ftrB Other

lViay 3’tr:


Bed coernt

Beginning census Admissions Discharges {live) Deaths



Admissions Dlsoharged live Deaths

Fetal deattxs



141 R

Z ,n






a. Census for June ‘[ b. lP census for June 1 c. DIFC for June 1 d. IPSD for June 1

8. Three clinical units recorded the following information for April:

Urology ENT Ophth 18


{b 24

12 20 62 51 89 59 48 86 101


tO20Oti De.lnrar; Cengage I.e.arrring. Ail rights reseled.

418 607

;.ilh;lt’ftaffiffiru]Wru ffi





80 Basic Allied Health Statistics and Analysis


a. Census for April 30 for each clinical unit b, IPSD total for the three units combined for April c. Average DIPC for each unit for April

9. A 65-bed hospital recorded the following data for May.


May 1 50 May 11 48 May 21 55 250 349 454 552 651 750 843 944

10 46

12 56 13 58 14 56 15 59 16 60 17 59 18 58 19 54 20 55


a. IPSD for May 20 b. IPSD total for May 21 through May 31 c. Average DIPC for May 2l through May 31 d. Total IPSD for May e. Average IPSD for May

lO.Jan 31: Census456 Feb 1: Admissions 58

Discharges 45 A&D 6 DOA 3


a. Census for February 1 b. IPSD total for February 1 c. DIPC for February 1

11.A newborn unit reports the following: Bassinet count 21 Last census 15 Births 5 Discharges 3 Fetal deaths 2 TRF-in 0 TRF-out 1

Calculate: Census at CTT

22 58 23 62 24 65 25 63 26 62 27 60 28 60 29 62 30 63 31 50

@2008 Delmar, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.


Census 8l



t t I



12.St. Peter’s Hospital reports: i&C admissions for the year 998 A&C discharges for the year 989 A&C IPSD for the year 36,440 Calculate: Average A&C dajly inpatient census for the year

!3.4n 18-bed surgical unit reports the following: Patients remaining at midnight 12 Next day-Admissions 4

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