discuss how Mongol rule affected Russia and China


discuss how Mongol rule affected Russia and China

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1. Chinggis Khan and the Mongol Empire: be sure to know what things he did that made him an effective military leader. Be ready to discuss how Mongol rule affected Russia and China (or if it did).

2. China’s Treasure Fleet and the European Voyages of Discovery: read up on China’s Treasure Fleet and be ready to explain why the fleet was created, where it went and what, if any, the long term affects of its voyages were. Then, do the same thing for the European Voyages of Discovery covered in the slides (Chapters 11-13).

3. Bubonic Plague: study the various short term and long term changes the Black Death caused. Be ready to explain these changes in terms of society, economics and politics (power structures).

4. The Columbian Exchange: Study all of the slides on this and be prepared to explain what it was, what kinds of things were exchanged (there’s a lot more to this than food!) and how these exchanges changed the New World and the Old World. Don’t forget the fatally important role disease played for both worlds!


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