DQ: Merit-based point immigration system


DQ: Merit-based point immigration system

DQ: Merit-based point immigration system

Watch this video, instruction and the following sources and answer the question

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The issue over immigration is one of the oldest debates in American history. Even before the founding of country, the questions of who should be able to come here and will they contribute or harm the economy and American way of life have led to some of the most liberal but also discriminatory immigration laws in American history.

Prior to 1882, America’s immigration policy was simple; open borders and being “a free white person” was the only qualification for immigrants to become a citizen. Alarmed by the “Yellow Peril,” America began to close its borders starting with the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, followed by the Gentlemen’s Agreement in 1907, then the Asiatic Barred Zone Act in 1917, and finally the Johnson-Reed Act in 1924 to exclude all “Asiatics.”

Although America reopened itself with the Hart-Celler Act in 1965 and allowed for immigration to come to America, the quota system has been unable to meet the high demands for both unskilled and cheap skilled labor and as a result, more than 11 million workers today are classified as “undocumented” in America. While hispanic/latinos have been the main subjects on the issue of immigration, the fact that is often overlook in this debate is of the 11 million “illegals,” over 1.5 million are of Asian descent and 130,000 of them are “Dreamers”– children who came here illegally at a young age because of their parents.

In its effort to “Make America Great Again,” the Trump administration has proposed the Raise Act (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment) to reduce the current immigration quota system based on family reunification to a point-based “merit” system ultimately favoring skilled, educated, athletic, rich, and English speaking immigrants for they would contribute rather than be a burden to another broken entitlement system (another divisive topic) (Links to an external site.).


More than 1400 leading bipartisan economists agreed that restricting and reducing immigration to just skilled workers would hurt the American economy, and many APA groups see this as nothing more than an effort to make America, not great, but white again.

Sources to Review:



(others, see attachments)

Assignment Instructions:

Once you are done reviewing the sources, please write a topic reply (minimum of 400 words) utilizing assigned sources to support your position on the following discussion question:

Should America deport undocumented immigrants and adopt the Raise Act and switch to a merit-based point immigration system?


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