Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help

Textbook: The Norton Field Guide to Writing (Fourth Edition) – Richard Bullock, Maureen Daly Goggin, Francine Weinbergpages 730-759: A selection of persuasive pieces that argue a positionFinish by Day 5 for discussion board!pages 911-931: A selection of persuasive works that make a proposalFinish by Day 5 for discussion board!Choose a work from our argument and proposal readings this week (pages 730-759 and pages 911-931 in our textbook, respectively). Discuss the following:1. What is the title of your selection and who is the author?2. Why did you choose to discuss this selection?2. What is the author’s argument or thesis?3. Does the author use inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, or both? Explain.4. How effective is the author’s reasoning? Explain and provide examples.5. How does the author use evidence to support his or her claim(s)?6. Does the author refute opposition?7. Discuss the author’s style writing style based on what we learned in Chapter 11 of our textbook and in our Week 12 PowerPoint.8. What is the tone used in the piece?9. How does the author expect the audience to engage with his/her piece? What action does s/he expect them to take?the book is attached


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