Duties of a food or beverage professional in a scenario


Duties of a food or beverage professional in a scenario

Duties of a food or beverage professional in a scenario

The duties, responsibilities, and tasks of the various food and beverage positions also include those associated with various health and safety compliance facets as well as an ability to interact appropriately with others of the job. In the scenario below, you will have an opportunity to integrate what you learn about one of two job descriptions in general and then apply them to a scenario in the form of a persuasive letter in pursuit of a particular position.

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The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this Assignment:

AB213-5: Examine the tasks and duties of a food or beverage professional in a scenario versus industry standards.

GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.

Scenario (fictitious): A large commercial kitchen at Pitech, a large high technology company headquarters, feeds approximately 1,000 people three meals a day. The kitchen provides meals for everyone from the front desk staff to the executive board members. Since many of the engineers and technicians work through the night, they need snacks at all times of the day and night and the kitchen routinely opens at 6:30 a.m. in various shifts to cover the 24-hour period. The beverage manager routinely must serve the private executive dining room and the company events for their large non-profit part of the company, as well as for employee events, etc.

The health inspector did a recent inspection and said the kitchen and bar area of the private company club was on the brink of being closed down as the standards seemed lax. They want everything in great shape for a follow-up visit in two months’ time or else the kitchen will have to be closed. The current chef left shortly after the inspection to start his own café before he could be fired. Recently the wine cellar was found to be missing considerable stock from the inventory. There has been an investigation that is ongoing at the company. While the beverage manager has decided to join his father’s business and left a few weeks ago, and cleared initially of any wrongdoing, he may still be called as a witness at some later date. The “missing wine” incident was reported all over the social networks once the police arrived.

While the chef position will be stationary only working at their headquarters’ facility, the beverage manager may be travelling with the CEO either on his private jet, or going to various venues and large office locations around the world. You have heard through some tweets on the internet that these two jobs are open although not yet formally. You further understand that performing to health and safety standards will be a considerable factor in choosing their ideal candidate. You also know that the candidates selected will have to know how to prepare both gourmet meals as well as comfort foods and healthful snacks, organic meals, and popular drinks. Duties of a food or beverage professional in a scenario

You have decided to write a letter to persuade the human resources officer at Pitech to consider you for either the beverage manager or the chef position (your choice).

Read several job descriptions for either chef or beverage manager positions on the Internet at career sites and some of the specifications also in the U. S. Dept. of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook online. When you are ready address the checklist items:


Write a persuasive letter to the Director of Human Resources of Pitech providing them with a synopsis of your qualifications for one of these two jobs based on the company scenario.

Emphasize the standards to which you operate and why.

Explain how you will benefit the organization.

Provide persuasive reasons why you are best suited to the job and the specific company environment.

Ensure your letter includes highly ordered, logical, and unified, superior communication and content in Standard English, and that your spelling and grammar are correct. For additional help you can always consult the Academic Success Center found in the Academic Tools area.

Any sources should be cited and referenced per APA format and citation style in an additional References page.

Disclaimer: This exercise may include actual companies and brand names solely for instructional purposes; this exercise is not associated with any such actual company or brand name. All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

Respond in a minimum of 2 pages using APA 6th edition format and style with appropriate citations and accompanying references on Duties of a food or beverage professional in a scenario

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