Examine health care findings with data visualizations.


Examine health care findings with data visualizations.

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Course: HIA 4200, HSC 3200, NURS 3200 Semester: Spring 2022 Assignment: 2 Topic: Literature Review Outcome: III.4. Examine health care findings with data visualizations. Objective: Students will develop appropriate research question (s) for their research paper.

Assignment: This assignment is to help you prepare an individual draft for the second portion of the research paper for your assigned topic. Write a paper that summarizes the articles selected for your topic (minimum of six) that have been published within the last five (5) years, and come from peer- reviewed journals, using proper APA citation. Focus primarily on the setting, sample, design, and findings. You should group similar articles in your document (refer to actual research articles or papers for literature review examples). The assignment must be done utilizing the APA 7th Edition Guidelines and must be a minimum of five pages, excluding the title page, abstract, appendices, and references Rubric (Specific details are listed in Appendix B of the course syllabus)

Grading Criteria Point Assignment

Organization 20

Content (per instructions) 20

Grammar and mechanics (spelling, punctuation, etc.) 20

APA 7th Edition style and communication 20

Support and references 10

Length of paper 10

Total Points 100

Late assignments will have 10 points deducted.

Due: As indicated on the Course Calendar/Moodle


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