Final Project Presentation


  • Now that you have completed and submitted your final project, it is time to share your research and analysis with a broader audience through a narrated presentation.  For this assignment, you will create a professional presentation based on the main points of your final paper.  Develop a recorded/narrated PowerPoint, Prezi, or any type of video file that is 3-5 minutes in length.  If you do not have the software to do the recording/narration, type up the speaker notes to be read by the person viewing the powerpoint, with speaker notes on each slide. This is an opportunity to refine your presentation skills and to see how it feels to be the presenting invited speaker on a topic.

Module 6: Final Project Presentation Instructions

Your presentation should address the following:

  1. Introduction that briefly outlines the rest of the presentation (details about the psychological disorder selected)
  2. Synthesis of findings from the literature review that briefly outlines major tenets or concepts of your selected psychological disorder, treatment options, etc.
  3. Description of the case study and treatment plan
  4. Conclusion that synthesizes your main points and findings about the disorder and offers implications for further research

At the end of your presentation, pose a discussion question to your peers regarding your selected disorder.  Your question should encourage your audience to share their own perspectives and understanding of your presentation as they answer the question.  This will be used to engage your peers when they view and respond to the presentation in the “Share Your Presentation” discussion topic.  You can use this link to post your presentation for discussion, with your question to your peers: Share your presentation by Friday at 11:59 pm, Two replies to peers due by Sunday.

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Your presentation should demonstrate your professionalism.  This includes the use of appropriate text and images and your demeanor when presenting (speaking clearly and audibly, not just read the words from the slide, give eye contact to the camera/audience, etc.).

Please refer to the rubric associated with your project for detailed guidance about expectations and grading.

How to Design a Good PowerPoint Presentation

There is no single way to make a good PowerPoint presentation, but there are some general tips you can apply.

  1. Decide on your message and the information you want to convey. This means starting with your ideas and ending with your slides, not the other way around.
  2.  Keep the text on a slide focused and make clear points.
  3. Use an image or figures to reinforce the idea of each slide. Keep the image related to the idea of the slide. Do the same with figures. For example, if you have a slide presenting the relationship between two variables, the image on your slide could be a graph that illustrates this relationship so it’s topical and it expands on the idea visually.
  4. Let your narration expand on the ideas on the slide. Don’t simply read a slide – your audience can do that. If your slide presents an idea, expand on it in your narration.  For example, if a slide offers a simple definition of a concept, let the narration provide examples of how the concept can be applied in different contexts.
  5. Have a consistent design across the whole presentation. In other words, make sure the styles you use for bullets, headers, and footers are consistent from one slide to the next. Make sure you’re using the same color scheme. You may also wish to make your images consistent (all photographs rather than a mix of photos and line drawings, for instance).
  6.  A good template for organizing your slides might include:
    1. A title slide
    2. An introductory slide explaining the context, background, or significance of the topic
    3. A slide summarizing the point or key message of the presentation
    4. Topic slides for each point of the presentation
    5. A concluding slide
    6. A slide that contains references or additional resources

Module 6: Final Project Presentation Format

  • Present your project by completing a 3-5 minute video based on the project you submitted in Module 5.
  • Include an overview of the disorder, the prevalence rate, symptoms of the disorder, the treatment plan for your case study, implications for future research and a follow-up question for your audience to generate discussion
  • You can use YouTube, PowerPoint, Screencast-o-Matic or any software that will allow you to complete the recording.
  • Please refer to the rubric associated with this assignment for detailed guidance about expectations and grading.
  • Please submit this assignment through D2L by 11:59PM Central Time on Friday. The course closes on Sunday, which is the latest this can be submitted, with points lost beyond the Friday deadline.  The link for the assignment submission for grading is: Module 6: Final Project Presentation