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I will pay for the following essay T&M- wk 9. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.r to make the results more valid and reliable, the examiners should be trained in a way that he or she overcomes his or her biasness towards races other than his or her own (Sattler, 1970). Similarly, the test administration and scoring procedures should be followed strictly so that there is no room for any subjectivity in the results (Sattler,1970).An examinee factor that may influence the test results is the difference in the linguistics background of the examinee (Domino & Domino, 2006). The standards lay emphasis on the fact that a few tests are unsuitable for certain individuals whose familiarity with the language is doubtful (Lam, 1993). For example, the reliability and validity of tests for those examinees who do not speak English is suspect (Domino & Domino, 2006). Translating tests is not an easy task and it cannot be taken for granted that the validity and reliability of the translation are similar to the English version of the test (Lam, 1993). Thus, to overcome this hurdle, the test should be provided in the language, the examinee is most comfortable in and evidence for test comparability in different languages is obtainable (Lam, 1993).Tina the external influence that you mentioned from the examiner or the environment that could influence the test results is rapport. You are right. this is one of the most significant aspects of test administration as determines the quality of the relationship between the examiner and the examinee (Naglieri & Goldstein, 2009). The examiner should develop rapport with the individual taking the test before actually starting with the testing process (Naglieri & Goldstein, 2009). Trying to establish an encouraging and comfortable environment is vital if the examinee test effort is to take place (Naglieri & Goldstein, 2009). On the other hand, Tina, you should keep in mind that the examiner should have a good rapport and nothing more because involvement beyond good rapport will risk the introduction of errors which


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