GMOs in the food industry DQ


GMOs in the food industry DQ

GMOs in the food industry DQ

What are the ethical concerns regarding GMOs in the food industry?

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1. Beliefs concerning GMOs tend to be dominated by two opposing narratives: What are they?
2. GMO advocates point out that pretty much all food that is consumed by humans has already been extensively modified by human activity. (True or False?)
3. What was corn cultivated from? (.5 point)
4. Cultivation uses a combination of what two basic processes to create countless varieties of common plants?
5. What is artificial selection? (.5 point)
6. What is cross pollination? (.5 point)
7. Orange carrots are not the result of a mutation (True or False?)
8. What is mutation breeding?
9. How many mutagenic plant varietals were released between 1930 and 2007? (.5 point)
10. What are the two basic types of GMOs? (.5 point)
11. What is the difference between the two types of GMOs? (.5 point)
12. What are the four types of GM plants currently approved for use?
13. Contamination of genes from other kingdoms occurs, even in nature (True or False?)
14. According to the American Association for the Advancement of science, GM crops are the most extensively tested crops ever added to our food supply. (True or False?)
15. According to the article, studies comparing GM and non-GM potatoes, soy, rice, corn and triticale found that the GM and their non-GM counterparts are NOT nutritionally equivalent.” (True or False?)
16. The National Academies of Science states that “To date, no adverse health effects attributed to genetic engineering have been documented in the human population.” (True or False?)
17. What does the World Health Organization say about GM foods? (.5 point)
18. Plants that are produced through hybridization, which can chaotically mix in hundreds of genes, and plants resulting from mutagenic breeding do not require the same safety testing currently required of GMOs. (True or False?)
19. According to the article GM crops with insect and herbicide resistance can be useful and even protect the environment, but they have to be used as part of what type of strategy?
20. What are the three major seed companies? (.5 point)
21. What are some of the claims made against Monsanto that, according to the article, are not true? (.5 point)
22. According to the article, the big seed companies have overhyped their own products and encouraged overreliance on their GMOs as a single solution to farming’s complex issues. True or False?(.5 point)
23. Why are Monocultures counterproductive? (.5 point)
24. According to the article, Seed companies should be encouraged to not just make one variety with a favorable trait, but do what?
25. According to the article, Genetic modification is a powerful technology, and its impact will depend entirely on what?

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