History of drug information provision.


History of drug information provision.

History of drug information provision.

What made you most curious about this week’s content?

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What was different that you thought?

What has been the significance of the ”Ninth-Floor Project”?

Research and describe the history of either drug information provision or unit-dose dispensing.

What do you think about the content of the two posted articles? Are the concepts presented still relevant today?

How important do think pharmacists obtaining ”Provider Status” is?

What can we do today, similar to the ”Ninth-Floor Project”, to move the practice of pharmacy forward more rapidly?


**References attached ***

Part a, 1850 to 1990 (Drug Information, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Care)

Dr. Robert McCarthy PowerPoint

? Evolution of Pharmacy Practice – from Compounder to Pharmaceutical Care

AP – pages 1-10; 11-15

Can be found at the following URL: https://books.google.com/books?id=gwooeCp0eEQC&printsec=frontcover&dq=9780931292392&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiVxpnNk4jmAhUxw1kKHc7KBuIQ6AEwAHoECAAQAg#v=onepage&q=9780931292392&f=false


KU – pages 317-322


1950–1965: Setting the Stage – History of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy (UCSF)


1965–1972: The Ninth Floor Pharmacy Project (UCSF)


Part b, 1990 to present (Disease State Management, MTM, and Provider Status)

Dr. Charles Hepler and Dr. Linda Strand Article

? Opportunities and Responsibilities in Pharmaceutical Care available at the following URL:


Dr. Richard Penna Article

Pharmaceutical Care: Pharmacy’s Mission for the 1990s


https://pharmacistsprovidecare.com/ (Links to an external site.)


Part 2

Research the Durham-Humphrey’s Amendment (1951). What were its most significant impacts on pharmacy practice?

Select a law or regulation, past or pending, and do historical research on it. Reflect on the Law’s impacts (or projected impact) and your experience in researching it? What was your approach to finding the information you needed.

Locate additional resources for the content of Week #5 (besides the Durham-Humphrey’s Amendment, Affordable Care Act, and your selection above). Describe what you found and its usefulness to this course.

How effective were the assigned readings in presenting this information?

What other relevant questions would you ask about this content?

AIHP PowerPoint

?Pharmacy Regulation via State and Federal Governance

tate Regulation of Pharmacy Practice

PPL – pages 761 to 780

Can be found at the following URL: https://novacat.nova.edu:443/record=b4010332~S13 (Links to an external site.)

Standards of Practice

PPL – pages 791 to 802

Can be found at the following URL: https://novacat.nova.edu:443/record=b4010332~S13

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