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Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Ergonomics. Industries dealing with the usage of heavy machinery and involving direct interaction with the equipment that is hazardous can be properly handled through the principles of ergonomics.NIOSH is an acronym for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The Institute provides guidelines for safe working procedures in various disciplines, especially those fields where the use of physical exercise is directly involved. The incumbent organization provides necessary awareness about the kind of material to be used and it also identifies the material which might not add any value to the processes and human safety while working in industrial environment. The main purpose of this organization has been to reduce the injuries and make physical work safer and more enjoyable.Various devices have been introduced for the purpose of creating comfort in the organizational environment. Back belt is one of them, which has been used to a certain degree. The purpose of back belt is to reduce the stress that may be exerted on the body while performing activities during the operations. In an industrial environment, the workers are usually confronted with the lifting of heavy objects, leaning against them or sliding into the very narrow parts of the machine, for this purpose back belts provide sufficient resistance to the back. The usage of back belts is not just limited to the working environment, many athletes use them while lifting the heavy weight material, and even the deep sea divers use them to provide support against any sudden jerk that may be felt by the body.Back belts are worn for the purpose of reducing the chances of stress and injury to the body, however , on the contrary, research conducted in this regard by the administrative body, NOISH has shown that there is little effectiveness provided by these back belts, rather they squeeze up the body and limit the motion.


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