Organizational Policies And Practices To Support Healthcare Issues


Organizational Policies And Practices To Support Healthcare Issues
NOTE: 300 words with 4 resources within 5 years (2 below +2 others).

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Quite often, nurse leaders are faced with ethical dilemmas, such as those associated with choices between competing needs and limited resources. Resources are finite, and competition for those resources occurs daily in all organizations.

For example, the use of 12-hour shifts has been a strategy to retain nurses. However, evidence suggests that as nurses work more hours in a shift, they commit more errors. How do effective leaders find a balance between the needs of the organization and the needs of ensuring quality, effective, and safe patient care?

In this Discussion, you will reflect on a national healthcare issue and examine how competing needs may impact the development of polices to address that issue.

To Prepare:

Review the Resources (below) and think about the national healthcare issue/stressor
Reflect on the competing needs in healthcare delivery as they pertain to the national healthcare issue/stressor.

Post an explanation of how competing needs, such as the needs of the workforce, resources, and patients, may impact the development of policy. Then, describe any specific competing needs that may impact the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected. What are the impacts, and how might policy address these competing needs? Be specific and provide examples.

Resources (use any 2 sources from below)

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Workforce planning and development in times of delivery system transformation (


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