Past and future health care trends DQ


Past and future health care trends DQ

Past and future health care trends DQ

Thank you for sharing your perceptions and attained knowledge about past and future health care trends. Health administrators, in my experience, do find they must look at the past in order to make sense of the present and future health care trends and outcomes. For example, if we see diabetics continually getting sick in a given community, we may look back and see illness was due to the lack of dietary knowledge and thus in the present encourage carbohydrate counting in this community.
What are other examples of past trends in health care affecting the present and future? What can health administrators do to ensure that trends are taken into consideration?

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So, if individuals are working on preventive care, seeing their personal care physician, taking their medication, and etc, then there should be more healthy communities (regarding communicable disease and influential disease) and even less emergency room visits–which can also help speed up care for those community members who truly need to be seen in the emergency room. What can you to personally or professionally to allow for greater health care utilization by the community?


It is easier to see changes at a community level than an individual level, and see what influences large mass community outcomes. However, health care administrators can encourage employees, patients, and the organization at large to further focus on community public health efforts, Health care administrators in my experience also say they must set and example, look inward, and change themselves. How can each of us look inward and change ourselves to influence public health disease trends? Please feel free to share your personal experiences with the class.


Cost is certainly an issue when it comes to health care, and while the ACA might address some of the issues (for instance, before the ACA insurers could turn down people due to pre-existing conditions), it certainly can’t be expected to address them all.
So how, then, might you as an individual do something about health care costs? How might the community be involved?

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