Rehabilitation Case Management

Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Case Management Assignment

Rehabilitation Case Management

Individual Written Assignment

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1500 words – 30% of final mark

Due Date:

9am, 20 May 2019

This essay requires students to explore and research knowledge of Case Management including intervention techniques, major concepts and theories in rehabilitation, which can be applied to health and human service settings to assist clients who require care. Within this essay, students will be required to select one of the following health settings below.


a) Mental health

b) Cardiac rehabilitation

c) Substance abuse – Drugs and/or alcohol

d) Physical disability

e) Aged-care

The written assignment should include the following sections

1. Introduction: what is the background to the topic and why has it been chosen?

2. A brief overview of Rehabilitation Case Management and how it applies to the context of your chosen health setting.

3. Critically examine (i.e., more than just describe) the role of a Case Manager and the Case Management approach in your chosen area.

4. How Case Management in this health setting could facilitate rehabilitation outcomes for clients.

5. A discussion of current research (i.e., approximately previous 10-15 years) which examines the role of a Case Manager in your chosen area.

6. Factors that may warrant further investigation in your chosen health setting.

7. Conclusion.

In addition, the reference list should be in APA6 style. If you are new to this referencing system, La Trobe library has a great tool to help you cite academic literature: click this link to find out more information about APA6 style. A minimum of six peer reviewed articles should be referenced.

Suggested Journals to search*

– Journal of Rehabilitation

– Disability and Rehabilitation

– Rehabilitation Counselling

– Rehabilitation Psychology

– Clinical Rehabilitation

* These are not the only journals; there are many and it is recommended that you also search a variety of electronic databases. Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Case Management Assignment