Sentinel City Healthcare System DQ


Sentinel City Healthcare System DQ

Sentinel City Healthcare System DQ

Health and Social Services
“Access to comprehensive, quality health care services is essential for promoting and maintaining health, preventing, and managing the disease, reducing unnecessary disability and premature death, and achieving health equity for all Americans. This topic area focuses on three components of access to care: insurance coverage, health services, and timeliness of attention. When considering access to health care, it is important also to include oral health care and obtaining necessary prescription drugs” (Access to Health Services. n.d.).

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Sentinel City Healthcare System has various healthcare and social service facilities in all the diverse communities. There is the main hospital with the Emergency, Inpatient, and ambulatory care. Spread throughout the city are nine primary care clinics with Eighty-two physicians and eight specialty clinics with thirty-three doctors. The dental care there are three orthodontist clinics, one endodontist clinic, three dental hygiene clinics and two pediatric oral surgery clinics which are also spread throughout the city. Mental Health services are also available throughout the city the Mental facilities range from case management service to the State Mental Hospital to have a total of five options. The vision clinics and vision therapy centers are also spread throughout. Depending on the community is the deciding factor to what is available, unfortunately, the communities needing the most healthcare, the poor and impoverished communities have the least available or needs to travel the furthest. Eldercare social services that are available are medical assistance advocates, service animals, Government Entitlement Assistance, Senior Community Centers, Meals on Wheels, and Elder Abuse Prevention Advocates. There are 3472 senior living units, twenty-four Swing bed, thirty-six Long Term Care, and sixty-four Skilled Nursing facilities. More facilities are two hundred forty-eight Assisted Living, 2874 Nursing Home units, and 1048 independent senior living apartments, these are all spread through the city. Sentinel City Healthcare System DQ

Healthy food choices are also of importance there is Jo’s Grocery in Nightingale Square that sells organic food for most their sales, there are three fruit and vegetable carts in two of the communities Acer Tech, and Casper Park placed at the courtyards in the community. The fourth community has a Soup Kitchen at the church that feeds the homeless and hungry healthy meals. Besides the large grocery store, there are many small groceries and one that is moderately sized in Industrial Heights. There are numerous fast food restaurants, Italian, donut shops, Sushi, Pizza shops, to name a few. There are a few of restaurants that are sit down dinners with healthy choices available.

Safety and Transportation

Per the website, County Health Rankings, Community Safety considers not only intentional acts in neighborhoods and homes but also injuries caused accidentally. Many injuries are predictable and preventable. Living in unsafe neighborhoods can accelerate aging and harm health because of the chronic stress associated with it. Neighborhoods that are unsafe causes anxiety, depression, and stress, keeping people indoors, away from neighbors, exercise, and healthy foods due to the fear of violence. Jobs are harder to find because companies may be less willing to invest in unsafe neighborhoods (2017).

Sentinel City, has a high rate of violence, depending on the community is greater the risk of being a crime victim, There are Police patrolling in police cars in all communities. The police seem to have the city covered a good as possible, they are at the Grocery Store in Nightingale Square, directing traffic at the hospital in Acer Tech, and the School in Industrial Heights. Other that having an increased amount at City Hall for obvious the obvious reason of the protest there are also increased in Industrial Park for the broken storefront windows and patrolling on foot in Casper Park. Even tough there seems to be somewhat adequate police presence; I feel that it is highly possible for crime to be committed, especially in Industrial Heights and Casper park. Due to gang involvement, low-income and poverty, this makes it a greater chance for there to be crimes and aggravated assault being the top crime. Sentinel City Healthcare System DQ

Transportation in Sentinel City appears to be mostly by taking the bus, the next would be by bicycle, and then by car. Traveling on foot seems to be another means used by the residents. The least costly is bicycling/walking, the riding the bus and last would be by car. Another form of transportation ing Sentinel City that would be to travel from city to city is the train systems; it passes above Pine Street behind City Hall in Acer Tech. There is a highway close by because of there is an overpass over Station Road in Nightingale Square. There are fire hydrants throughout Sentinel city, and there is a Fire Department that responds to the car and garbage can fire in Industrial Heights.


Sentinel City is just like any other city; there are kinds of people with many different situations. These people are rich, poor, or somewhere in between. There are no clear natural boundaries in Sentinel City, but you can see the conditions of the different communities an indication of these limits. The various communities where the people live, work, play, and how they live to affect their health. “Poverty and poor health worldwide are inextricably linked. The causes of poor health for millions globally are rooted in political, social, and economic injustices. Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of poor health” (Key Facts Poverty and Poor Health. n.d.).


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