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Due 7/09/2014


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·         Part 1

·         Exercise A2: Analyze DoW #2

Create a frequency table of the variable Time, a relative frequency table and a dot plot BY HAND. Briefly describe patterns you see in the distribution for Time.

Part 2:

Look at the dot plot you made in Exercise A2. Describe the key features that you see in the plot. (Some features may not be present.) Make at least two summary statements for distribution of Time.

·         Consider the following as you continue your interpretation of the data:

·         What do you see as the key features of the distribution of the variable Time?

·         Do you think we’d see different features/patterns if we looked at the trials separately?

·         Do you agree on the key features?


·         Part 3

  •                                    Exercise C1: Analyzing DoW #2

Use the data from DoW #2. Create a dot plot for the variable Time in DoW #2. You should make a picture of the dot plot.

A few technical hints:

    • Please Use unlined white paper
    • Use a ruler
    • Make sure to create a good scale and labels
    • Be sure the dot plot is dark enough so others will be able to read it online
    • You can Paste into Word or another application.
  • Part4
  • Exercise D2: Analyze DoW #2 By Hand

     Make a stem plot for the variable Time,  a different interval width he or she will use in making the histogram. Using your interval width, create a histogram for the variable Time.


·         Exercise E2: Create the histogram that you think best represents the distribution of the variable Time in DoW #2. You can copy the data from Word, etc., into the data box in the Applet. If you use Word for your data, be sure to include commas.

with a brief justification of why you think it is best.

Review the histograms. Compare them and choose which histogram(s) best represent the key features of distribution.






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