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You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Quality of Aircraft traffic control at Dubai international airport sultan. Your paper should be a minimum of 7000 words in length. The research objectives include analyzing the qualifications of employees working in the air traffic control department, the number of employees working in the air traffic control department, the efforts by the airport to reduce and overcome air traffic in Dubai international airport, and the future air traffic control strategies cater for future expansion of the airport. Air traffic controllers are known to be individuals who are educated to keep up the safe, methodical and swift flow of air travel within the worldwide air travel control structure. Various nations have Air travel Control educational institutions, academies or universities, often managed by the serving source of air travel services within that nation, but from time to time in confidence. These institutions train apprentice controllers from the wherever they have been to the standards needed to embrace an Air Travel Control certificate, which will hold one or additional ratings. Air travel controllers are in the main people who have excellent organization skills, are swift with numeric computation, along with mathematics, have confident and firm resolution making proficiencies, have the capacity to uphold their cool and tranquility under pressure, in addition to possessing an outstanding short-term recollection. An air traffic control officer is an individual who offers service and is accountable for the secure air travel flow, from one airfield to the next. Growing congestion within the skies over the Arabian bay is one serious predicament among the predicaments threatening the development of the areas aviation business.As one would expect, one of the resolutions for augmenting the airports capability is their expansion. It is comprehensible that as the air travel demand develops, carriers are attempting to expand their business operations as much as probable.


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