I have referred my patient Leah Wright to you’re office for evaluation of a breast nodule. She is to make an appointment with you in the next few days. Ms. Right presented to my office with rt breast pain and a painful lump in her rt breast for too days. She was not aware of any injury. She has two children whom she breast fed, but she has not breast fed for three years. She has never had a mammogram.

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There is not family history of colon, ovarian, or breast cancer. The patient is a former smoker, having quit ten years ago.

My examination was confined to her breasts. Their is a 2×2-cm nodule just above the areola of the right breast, just lateral to the midline. It is tender slightly, and there is mild overlying erythema. There is no nipple dimpling, discharge, or induration. There is no axillary adenopathy. The left breast appears pretty normal w/o any discrete masses or tenderness.

My assessment was an infected cyst in the right breast. I recommended warm compresses and keflex 500 mg q.i.d. for one week. I am hopeful this nodule will resolve with the antibiotic therapy. She will undoubtedly need a mammogram and possibly a biopsy. She is agreeable with this plan of treatment, to see you for evaluation, and to follow your recommmendations.

Thank you for seeing this interesting patient. Please inform me of your evaluation, coarse of treatment, and any follow-up suggestions.

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