write a discussion relating to the topic of SANE


write a discussion relating to the topic of SANE

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In this paper, please write a discussion relating to the topic of SANE (also marked in red). The discussion section should contain three to five paragraphs and should be a discussion of how the literature review impacts your topic. Go back to your thesis statement and be sure to clearly apply your literature review to your thesis statement. You can add practice examples here.







To help with holistic and timely healing of sexual assault patients, shortage of resources should be addressed and more sexual assault team members must be procured. This is a vicious cycle that needs to be addressed by the community as a whole. The turnover rate for SANE nurses is high, while sexual assault patients face long-term mental and physical effects. Additionally, the society they live in engage in victim-blaming, and their trauma is minimized. While healthcare institutions are challenged with the pandemic, sexual abuse rates, and their intensity have risen with lockdowns. Although, methods to improve the quality of care are ongoing; additional steps should be taken to control further damage. This paper will give an overview of the SANE program, present the ongoing issues faced by sexual assault patients and some possible solutions to these issues.

Literature Review

ProQuest was primarily used for searching for all 4 Journal articles and Google Scholar was used for the 2 websites. The terms “sexual assault”, “shortage of forensic nurses”, PTSD in sexual assault victims” etc. were used. Articles within 5 years was entered in the filter.

The first article explained the duties of these health care workers. It explained that these nurses examine the victim to obtain proof of an assault or physical injury. The proof is provided as evidence during the hearing of the case. The nurses also pose questions to the victims to evaluate the assault deeply for a clearer picture of the case scenario. They also administer drugs to prevent any infection as well as testing for pregnancy (Delgadillo, 2017)

The second article induced an existing shortage of SANE nurses in the majority of the developing countries. That goes hand in hand with a shortage of screening facilities in their health care centers. As the article elaborated, there are few forensic programs infiltrated in hospitals. According to SANE, Nurses are in very high demand in many countries. It further claimed that the available number of nurses is minimal. Considering the highly developing emergency cases (Lavoie et al., 2020)

The third article provided a definition and a better understanding of the term assault, SANE and Forensic nurses. It describes sexual assault as any unwilling sexual activity. It provided the more extended version of the abbreviation, SANE, as Sexual Assault Nurse examiner. It defined the SANE of the nurse who topped up studies on matters related to sexual harassment. These nurses give services to victims of sexual harassment (Nathan et al., 2020)

The website explained the process of administering PTSD to sexual assault victims and that sexual assault should be treated as an emergency. It is recommended in the article that anyone who is raped or molested sexually should seek medical care immediately. It stated that once the patient gets to the SANE nurses, they undergo examination, and antibiotics are prescribed to prevent diseases. It provided further information on how to easily access healthcare facilities immediately after the assault (Nodell, 2021)

The other article analyzed the effects of sexual assaults on victims. It stated that the nurses could tell this through their thorough examinations done on the patient. The stated effects further explained that it leads to psychological, emotional, and physical damages on the victim. Only to mention, physical effects include Injuries, mental effects include depression and stress disorders, while emotional effects entail trust issues, fear, and shock (Rivara et al., 2019)

As highlighted in the article by SANE, Nurses play a vital role in saving lives. It explained that when a victim gets immediate care as soon as they get to the Healthcare worker, infections and contracting diseases such as HIV/AIDS are halted. They also help provide robust evidence that is useful during the court’s hearing. These nurses also offer guidance and counseling to prevent ill motives such as suicide after the activity (Delgadillo, 2017)

This article explains the effects of PTSD in sexual assault survivors. Detailed study was conducted involving variety of status factors. Perpetrator identity has been highlighted as a major trigger for PTSD. Since studies were done internationally, several different perspectives was drawn and some conclusions were not evaluated. This article however promises to serve as a useful tool for future prospective studies (Scott et al., 2018)

As researched, the SANE nurses are identified as facing problems in their line of Duty. As explained, survivors who are not ready to answer questions hinder these nurses’ effective working (Delgadillo, 2017). The job is mind-blowing and tiresome since it involves convincing the affected individuals against their ill intents and depression.



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